Review: Hot Coco, An Unbridled Adventure, by Cindy McDonald

Does your life have strictly romance, but no adventure? Is it a mystery without comedy? Is there paranormal that is devoid of romance?

Life is not a genre. People, circumstances, and, yes, even stories, cannot be put into a box and labeled: Comedy, Romance, Adventure, or Mystery. What some readers today fail to realize is that these boxes and labels were created by publishers in order to organize their business. Does this book go to the romance staff on the fifth floor or the mystery staff on floor three?

Today, writers are free to write simply great stories that don’t belong in any box and give them to readers to enjoy without labels.

Cindy McDonald’s latest installment in the Unbridles Series is one of those books that doesn’t belong in a box. It has romance, thigh slapping comedy, and drama—all of it entertaining.

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Cindy’s style of writing is easy and conversational. She takes the reader by the hand and skims the surface before diving deeper into the souls of her characters. First, she introduces you to the characters who, on the surface are two dimensional, but still interesting. Then she takes down deeper to reveal what is underneath. Before you realize it, you’ve been hooked and don’t really care to get loose. These are characters that you feel for and really care about.

Coco (Colette) is more than just a blond bimbo providing comic relief with her antics. She yearns to be valued for more than her boobs, and realizes that if that is to happen, she needs to do it on her own. Then, there’s Margie, who most men will not touch with a ten foot pole. But there’s a person behind that big nose. She wants so much to be like Coco and the West family. In one fabulous scene, McDonald shows the two women looking over the fence into each other’s yard wishing their grass was as green.

Then there is romance blooming between widower Eric West and the track nurse. The middle aged couple have been yearning but fearing to take that first step for so long. Cindy McDonald easily makes the reader empathize with their apprehension.

There are more characters and all of their lives collide. Each one’s interaction affects the other person until in the end—no one is the same.

So what is Hot Coco? Is it a comedy with Coco’s clumsiness? Or is it a drama with Margie’s dilemma? Or is it a romance with Eric and Jen? Who says a box has to be put into a box before we can read it?

What is important is that Hot Coco is a good,  enjoyable book. I give Hot Coco FIVE STARS!

All About Cindy McDonald:

For the past twenty years Cindy has helped her husband raise, train, and race Thoroughbreds at their forty-five acre farm known as Fly-By-Night Stables near Pittsburgh.

During those years Cindy has paid close attention to the characters that hang-out at the back-side of the track.  She found the situations and life style most intriguing. In 2005 she sat down at her computer and began a journey into writing about this life that few understand.

Cindy has recently retired from making her living as a professional choreographer. She owned and operated Cindy McDonald’s School of Dance since 1985.  She studied at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School and with the Pittsburgh Dance Alloy at Carnegie Mellon University to name a few.  She has choreographed many musicals and an opera for the Pittsburgh Savoyards.

To find out more about future books of the Unbridled Series, please visit Cindy’s website at:



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