Guest Post: What Readers Want

What do the readers want? This is the first thing that writers ask when they sit down to write a book. Okay, maybe it’s the second thing, asked after their book fails to get published, or is published and doesn’t do well. Either way, at some point authors ask, “What do readers want?”

Well, for this post, our guest blogger is answering that question. This guest post is from an reader, not an author, who went in search of the answer to that very question. So take it away Reader.

What We Look For in a Book

If you were to ask each and every one of us for an opinion of what they look for in a book you are guaranteed to receive many different answers.  Everyone is unique and is looking for something different in a book.  However, in asking my friends, family and acquaintances this same question, I have observed some emerging patterns showing what WE as a group of people are perhaps more similar than we think in what we look for in a good book.

I’ve classified the different types of people using my own classification system and have listed the results below.

The Good Plot Reader

Hands down this was one of the most popular responses.  A book with a shallow or weak plot is a big no-no.  One friend suggested trying to read a book with a weak plot was like eating cardboard at a restaurant.

Character Driven Readers

Many people like books with well-developed characters.  An example is a character that is easily liked or conversely easily hated. Many people thought a good book should have at least one really “good” guy and on “bad” guy.  Some people specified that characters should be unique and unlike any real person.

Romance Lovers

While some people like romance books, others in this category stated that a book with sprinkled in tasteful romance was liked.  Several people cited the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling as a great example of the perfect amount of romance.

Action and/or Humor People

Many people cited action and/or humor as a necessary ingredient of a good book.  They wanted something to keep them on their toes or something that made them laugh.  One person said that to his opinion how the book keeps him entertained was more important that the actual ending.

The Good Ending People

Lots of people cited the ending as the most crucial piece for what they wanted in a book.  If the book ended with them in tears, sad, happy, with a smile or just satisfied the book was a good book.

The Cover People

Some people thought that how the book looked was to them more important than what was in the book.  The cover had to be a certain way or the title had to grab them or the description on the back had to engage them.  In talking to these people I had to bite my tongue from repeating the common phrase “you can’t tell a book by its cover”.  Clearly this group can.

What we as people look for in a book is interesting to study.  We as individuals have our own preferences and things we look for when we read.  But collectively we as a whole there are patterns that emerge showing there we as a group like a lot of similar things in a book.

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Thank you for visiting today, Happy Health!

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