Book Spotlight: Eat, Scream, and be Merry

Are you ready to Eat, Scream, and be Merry? Then you don’t have to wait any longer! Just click to order Eat, Scream, and Be Merry by Annette Rose. Get ready to meet the D’Luca family–d’eatin,’ d’screamin’, d’crazy Italian family that lives on Main Street in Mountain Brooke. They love to eat. They love to scream. They love to dance the Tarantella. But they especially love Ma’s Meatballs! And best of all, you’ll love them!

Eat Scream and be Merry tells the hilarious tale of a big Italian family living in the small West Virginia town of Mountain Brooke.
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One of the marks of a great writer is one whose writing hits you in the face with their personality. Annette Rose has that talent. For over a year, while I have been mentoring her in the publication of her debut novel, Eat, Scream, and be Merry, her e-mails have made me roll with laughter. Her enthusiastic and bubbling personality jumps off the computer screen, grabs you by the throat, and tickles you until you give into laughter.

Eat, Scream, and be Merry promises to do the same. Once you start reading about the D’Luca family, you’ll be screaming with laughter, and hungry for meatballs.

Mangia! Eat!

That’s the word most often heard from the big Italian family on Main Street that lives in the small town of Mountain Brooke, West Virginia. Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, D’Luca daughter Nicole is sibling number seven in a food-infatuated family that obsesses, overreacts, and overeats on every occasion. Her hot-tempered and hot-pepper loving relatives all live within a stone’s throw of each other and always seem to be in a mountainous state of confusion as they come to the rescue of an always-neurotic Nicole.

Follow d’eatin,’ d’screamin,’ d’crazy D’Luca family in their fast-paced adventure through a beautiful autumn as food and frivolity are the name of the game. Nicole is preparing for the family’s annual Halloween bash in the hills, where the festive daytime party has the potential to turn into a Halloween nightmare. With the help of her husband, kids, close-knit family, and friends, they eat, scream, and cuss their way out of this slapstick saga that gets more sarcastic with every passing page.

Big mouths with big hearts have big fun no matter how crazy their intertwined lives become in this slice-of-life satire where meatballs are always on the menu. This tall-tale has countless colorful characters that are identifiably real yet ridiculous and more plentiful than the recipes that Angelina, the always-cooking grandmother, has in her huge collection. And that’s a lot of recipes.

Author Annette Rose
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Enjoy old-fashioned stores, quirky owners, and quick-witted dialogue along with corny clichés, more puns than you can shake a schtick at, and plenty of peculiar personalities that poke fun of everyone in this heartwarming and often hilarious story.

Faster than Nicole can tell her sugar-crazed twins, “No more candy!” you’ll be saying, “Madonna mia! I can’t believe I read the whole thing!”

(And don’t read it on an empty stomach; you’ll be sorry!)

About the Author

Annette Rose is a West Virginia native who grew up with six brothers and sisters above her father’s company store. She and her husband still make their home in a small town in the West Virginia hills, where her Italian heritage has been a strong influence in her life. Annette is a graduate of Fairmont State College with a Graphic Arts degree and once enjoyed being a self-employed baker. Since then, she has devoted her life to being a creative mom to her two beautiful and artistic daughters. Her passion is throwing theme parties. Look for Annette’s Max the Zany Dog stories to be published soon.

Eat, Scream, and be Merry is available in both print ($17.99) and e-book ($9.99).

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