Book Review: For Those in Peril on the Sea by Colin M. Drysdale

For Those in Peril on the Sea

by Colin M. Drysdale

Primarily set in the northern Bahamas, this book weaves its story of post-apocalyptic survival into the local sub-tropical seascape and the sailing culture that can be found there. With its evocative use of real locations haunted by zombie-like infected and atmospheric depictions of the trials of life at sea drawn from the author’s own experiences, For Those In Peril On The Sea provides a new and unusual take on the traditional post-apocalyptic genre.

For Those in Peril on the Sea: Click on Book Cover to Buy on Amazon

For Those in Peril on the Sea: Click on Book Cover to Buy on Amazon

After a six week voyage across the Atlantic, they couldn’t wait to get to shore. When they got there, they found the land would never be safe again…
There was nothing to suggest it would be anything more than a routine delivery. Four people thrown together by chance, sailing a newly-built catamaran from South Africa to Miami. But while they were away, something happened, something none of them could ever have imagined. When they get back to civilization, they find it no longer exists. The land is no longer safe. Their only option is to stay on the boat and try to survive.
Join Bill, Rob, Jon and CJ as they travel around their frightening new world. One where they must struggle against the infected that now rule the land, the elements and each other.

About the Author:

As a marine biologist, Colin M. Drysdale has spent plenty of time at sea with no land in sight but he is always glad when he finally gets back to shore. This novel is inspired by a thought that often plagues him during his voyages. What would he do if something happened while he was away and he could never go back?


Consider this: You’ve been hired to deliver a boat from South Africa to Miami. You begin your journey across the Atlantic with a small crew of four. All goes well until a horrific storm blows in and strips you of your communication systems. You are completely cut-off from the world for weeks.
It is a long tedious passage and you are anxious to enter the harbor of Miami, only when you arrive there is nothing left. Miami is burning to the ground and the people that you see on shore no longer resemble anything human, but rather gross imitations that growl and snarl at you. The decision is made to continue on to another harbor only to find the same.
The world as you knew it six weeks ago has been forced to its knees by a disease that has ravaged mankind turning them into mindless, flesh devouring beasts. This is the situation that Colin M. Drysdale has place his characters, Bill, Rob, Jon, and CJ in, and it seems that they will be exiled to the sea forever—otherwise they will fall victim to the man-eating monsters that prowl the shores. How will they survive? Is there anyone else out there?
For Those in Peril at Sea by Colin M. Drysdale was a gripping tale of loss, triumph, heartache victories, but mostly the will to survive in a new world with so many challenges. The book was intriguing, and sometimes terrifying enough that I had put it down so that I could absorb what I had read. Mr. Drysdale’s writing is smooth and wonderfully descriptive. He has an impressive knowledge of boats, sailing, and of faraway lands.
For Those in Peril at Sea is a terrific read, but be forewarned it is not necessarily for the vanilla reader. Mr. Drysdale’s accounts can be very graphic—which is a testament to his amazing writing skills, but some may find the scenes upsetting. I look forward to reading and reviewing more books by Colin M. Drysdale. 5 STARS!

Reviewed by Cindy McDonald

About the Reviewer:

Cindy McDonald is the author of the Unbridled series, featuring the West Family, who own a Thoroughbred horse farm in Pennsylvania. She was was born and raised in the Pittsburgh, Pa area. For 26 years she was a professional choreographer,she taught ballet, jazz, and tap. During that time she choreographed many musicals and an opera for the Pittsburgh Savoyards. Most recently she has retired to write her novels. She resides with her husband on their Thoroughbred farm know as Fly By Night Stables near Pittsburgh. Here latest UnBridled Book is Against the Ropes, scheduled for realise on June 1.  To learn more about her book series and to read excerpts from her upcoming books, please visit her website:

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