New Conference: From Writers to Published Authors

If you’re a writer and you live in the Harpers Ferry, West Virginia/Hagerstown, Maryland area, then do read this.

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Click on Logo to learn more about the From Writers to Published Authors Conference at Acorn Book Services website. Space is limited, so sign up today!

The first annual From Writers to Published Authors Conference is scheduled for Saturday, October 5 from 8:45 am to 5:00 pm. This writers conference will be held at Oakland Church, located on 70 Oakland Terrace in Charles Town, WV.

The From Writers to Published Authors Conference offers writers the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of writing and publishing directly from those who have gone before them. At this first annual event, authors and publishers will gather together to spend the day helping new writers to reach their goal of not only publishing their books, but doing it right.

Attendees have a choice of panel discussions to attend based on where they are in their journey toward authorship. The forty-five minute panel discussions cover a wide range of topics, including finishing your book, researching, age-appropriate writing for children, working with an illustrator, marketing with social media, designing your cover and more.

Currently Scheduled to Appear:
Lauren Carr (publisher and mystery author)

Austin Camancho (publisher and mystery/thriller author)
Beth Rowland (publisher)
Tim Rowland (columnist/author)
Cindy McDonald (author)
Ed Steers (historian and author)
Thomas L. Trumble (author/playwright)
Michael T. (children’s author)
Joe Santoro (illustrator)
Malcolm Ater (young adult/middle school author)
Penny Clover Petersen (author of children’s and adult books)
H.L. Grandin (author)
Mary-Ellen Low (author)
Victor Nieves (author)
Fay Moore (author)
Daniel Claggett (illustrator)
Debbie Brenneman (author)
George Johnson (author)
S.J. Brown (author/photographer)
Todd Aune (cover designer)
D.B. Corey (author)

This conference also includes two Super Panel discussions which are foremost on most writers and published authors’ minds: The Future of Books and Using Social Media for Book Promotion.

Three publishers are schedule to appear: Lauren Carr of Acorn Book Services, Austin Camacho of Intrigue Publishing, and Beth Rowland of Black Walnut Corner Book Production.

Intrigue Publishing will have a special presentation during lunch entitled Working With A Small Press—A Reality Check. This interactive presentation will answer many questions about the differences between a big press and small press, and how they differ from self-publishing.

The fee for attendees is $60. Lunch is included. Space is limited. Therefore, anyone wishing to attend the From Writers to Published Authors Conference is encouraged to register early either online and pay via PayPal through the Acorn Book Services website ( or to download a registration form from the website and mail it in with a check. Brochures and registration forms will also be available at various libraries in the area.


Click here to register for the From Writers to Published Authors Conference today!

The From Writers to Published Authors Conference is being sponsored by Acorn Book Services, owned by Lauren Carr, best-selling author of the Mac Faraday Mysteries, which take place in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. She is also the author of the Lovers in Crimes Mysteries, which is set in the Ohio Valley.


In her book, Authors in Bathrobes, best selling mystery author Lauren Carr tells how writers can successfully write and publish using today’s technology without leaving their home … even when sick in bed with a cold. Print version will be available later this year. Click on Book Cover to download from Amazon today.

A popular speaker, Lauren Carr is frequently asked for advice about how to succeed as an author while running a business, cooking dinner, feeding dogs, and doing laundry. “Ten years ago, it wouldn’t have been possible,” Lauren says. “Nowadays, with a good wi-fi connection, an author can reach readers on the other side of the world while sending their child off to school and having a bad hair day.” Lauren’s latest book, Authors in Bathrobes is a compilation of what she has written that answer that very question.  Authors in Bathrobes in available in ebook on Amazon for $2.99.

The owner of Acorn Book Services, Lauren Carr is also a publishing manager, consultant, editor, cover and layout designer, and marketing agent for independent authors. Last year, six books written by independent authors were released through the management of Acorn Book Services. Lauren is scheduling for twelve books to be released through Acorn Book Services this year. Currently, they are open for submissions for publication.

Contact Lauren Carr at for more information about submissions to Acorn Book Services or about attending the From Writers to Published Authors Conference.

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