Book Spotlight: The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby

“This is an amazing adventure that is attractive to every type of reader. There are heart pounding moments that lead you to sit on the edge of your seat, situations that will make you cry, and a love story that has you rooting for the main characters the whole way through. The melodies of words used from chapter to chapter are so vivid that the scenes and stories materialize while you read. A wonderful read that should be made into a movie. I can’t wait for the second book!!”

Says 5-Star Review on Amazon

Every now and then a manuscript comes across an editor’s desk that makes one sit up and take notice. It is a rare privilege to be pulled into a story by the sheer power of its narrative. A gift even more exceptional is when the reader feels the earth beneath their feet and smells the wind through the pines. Such is the case when reading The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby.

H.L. Grandin's debut novel, The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby, has been a critical success with reviewers and readers. Yet, it is only the beginning. (click on cover to download on Amazon)

H.L. Grandin’s debut novel, The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby, has been a critical success with reviewers and readers. Yet, it is only the beginning. (click on cover to download on Amazon)

Peppered with historical facts from the founding of Jamestown to the massacre at Wolstenholmstown in 1622, this fast-paced read takes the time to bring the Appalachian Mountains of the late 1600’s alive in exquisite detail. From the description of the Weathersby’s rescue of the powerful Powhatan chief, Opencanecanough, to the ferocious battle on the escarpment between Tyoga and the commander of the wolves, this captivating tale keeps the adventure reader turning the page, and the lovers of romance wanting more.

Set at the turn of the 17th Century in the frontier of Appalachia, The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby follows the adventures of a young settler and the Native American tribe that has adopted him as their own, as he is transformed by deed and circumstance to legendary stature. Mystically awakened to the promise of “knowing” as generations of Weathersbys before, the rhythms of the natural world unfold in mysterious ways as he is embraced by primal forces that seem beyond his control. Tyoga is tested by the might and savage fury of the leader of a marauding pack of wolves, and in saving the life of his companion Tes Qua Ta Wa (the One Who Opens the Door) his life is transformed and the legend is born.

As the lines between man and myth, spirit dog and mortal soul begin to blur, Tyoga Weathersby is embroiled in the intrigue of intertribal politics, captured by the cry of the wild to fulfill destiny’s call, and ripped apart by his love for the beautiful Cherokee maiden, Sunlei, whom he must set free to keep alive.

“But beyond the obvious allure of an engaging story, The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby challenges the reader to explore those aspects of their own lives that define who, and what, they are,” said Lauren Carr, author and CEO of Acorn Book Services. Author H. L. Grandin adds, “I have always been intrigued by one’s perception of self. To what degree do we allow others to define our own personhood? How much of who we are is an acceptance of the views of others? At what point do we reject the opinions of others and embrace self determination?”

The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby is so much more than a captivating story. It is a “must read” for everyone who has ever questioned the whim of fate, and the power of destiny.


The Legend Continues in Book II: The Search for Sunlei:

H.L. Grandin’s second installment in The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby series, The Search for Sunlei, will be released May 1. This exciting sequel to Grandin’s debut novel brings the reader closer to the intertribal tensions and international rivalries that permeated the American frontier directly before the French and Indian War and, against that backdrop, brings into stark relief Tyoga Weathersby’s struggle to thwart the inner demons that battle for his very soul.

The Search for Sunlei is Book II in The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby series, written by H.L. Grandin

The Search for Sunlei is Book II in The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby series, written by H.L. Grandin

Grandin’s sense of timing keeps the reader engaged not only with the main characters, but with an intriguing and unanticipated story line. A careful reading reveals that the author has captured the essence of the Appalachian Mountains in a way that creates a geographic “character” of sorts. The topography of the Ohio Valley and the river routes that were the highways of colonial America play a pivotal role in Tyoga’s search for Sunlei. From the tidewater of Virginia to the shores of Lake Ontario, from the Appalachian peaks to Albany, New York, Grandin brings to life the naked beauty of the land and the dispassionate ease with which it can kill.

“Bringing Tyoga Weathersby to life has been a true labor of love,” Grandin said. “I answer many of the questions that remained open at the end of the first book, but left a great deal for the readers to reconcile on their own. The questions posed by the truth of the Promise are the same for everyone. But the answers that fit into your story belong to no one else.”

The critical acclaim for Grandin’s first novel caught the author and his publisher by surprise. “I recognized H.L.’s work as something special when I read the manuscript for The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby,” says Lauren Carr, owner of Acorn Book Services and Grandin’s principle editor. “I am more than pleased that others share my enthusiasm for his powerful writing style, and his creative use of the English language. I know that his readers will want to read more about the legend of Tyoga Weathersby.” H.L. is already hard at work on the third installment.


About the Author

H.L. Grandin grew up in Virginia and along the way developed a deep appreciation and respect for nature, as well as a yearning to know the heritage of the land and of those who walked it so long ago. Educated in Virginia and France, H.L. has spent his career in healthcare, with a stint as proprietor/owner of a coffee and blues bar. He is a self-taught musician and was drummer for several bands throughout high school and college. He currently entertains his wife and dog with his 12 string guitar. For the last twenty-five years, H.L. has lived on a small farm in western Maryland where he and his wife raised three daughters and a passel of critters.

Author H.L. Grandin (click on photo to visit author website)

Author H.L. Grandin
(click on photo to visit author website)

A natural storyteller and prolific writer, H.L. has been quietly composing a cast of characters and their adventures for at least ten years. About three years ago, he seriously put pen to paper and The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby was born.

This is Harry Grandin’s second novel in The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby series. The third novel, Huntly House is about Tyoga and Trinity Jane’s daughter, Rebecca Jane, and how she and her father changed the course of history. He is also writing a book of short stories. To learn more about The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby and H.L.’s future books, please visit




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